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Artist - Chasing Arrows

Chasing Arrows

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Last update: 11/28/10 10:00:24
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Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA: Virginia (VA)
Signed up: 23 Nov 2010 10:38 AM
Genre: Rock
Artist Bio
If when you think of modern pop rock n’ roll you’re reminded of that repetitive generic sound you’ve heard over and over again on the radio and you’ve been wondering ‘when will I hear what’s next?’—well you can stop wondering because here is the fresh sound you’ve been waiting for—Chasing Arrows! These compelling indie rockers are truly a breath of fresh air. This band is a tight, high energy, yet melodic and polished unit, which is amply demonstrated on their new CD release Life on Hold.
"Clearly, the diversity of the band’s influences has greatly affected their success and leaves their fans wanting more."—Dan Johnson for All Things That Rock
Band-mates meeting in college is a familiar story throughout rock history from the Doors to Nirvana, yet if anything, Chasing Arrows is uniquely original. Chasing Arrows is a group of like-minded musicians that have integrated varied musical influences into a seamless dynamic whole. They have played the last several years up and down the East coast for numerous enthusiastic audiences while sharing the stage with many notable acts including The Plain White T’s, Carbon Leaf, Days Difference, Uh Huh Her and Vertical Horizon to name but a few. And to top it off, they were selected as first runner up for the MTVU Best Music on Campus Woodie Award in a competition that eliminated literally thousands of bands across the nation and were brought to New York City to appear on the prestigious television award show alongside other bands such as All American Rejects, Vampire Weekend, Motion City Soundtrack and Paramore.
Chasing Arrows’ lead vocalist is Graham Todd—and what a powerful singer he is!—but make no mistake about it, this is a band that plays together in a singular, focused fashion. Combining Todd’s emotive and intense vocals with the imaginative and melodic lead guitar and keyboards of Nate Fender, the tasty keys and guitar of Walter Pierce, the rock solid bottom of Tate Thoreson on bass and the driving and fluid drums of Joe Hamm, this band creates a unique and compelling mix.
Life on Hold is a powerful musical celebration and at the same time an exciting preview of what this group is capable of live. Putting on Life on Hold at a party is a sure bet, but seeing this band live really brings the party directly home to you.
“Chasing Arrows will be around for a while and they have . . . potential for greatness”
—Joseph Fitzpatrick for the Captain’s Log

Chasing Arrows currently resides in Newport News, Virginia. For booking please see

Contact: Janet Castiel
Redwood Entertainment, Inc.
(212) 543- 9998

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