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Artist - Petah Roy

Petah Roy

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Last update: 08/18/09 20:43:03
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Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA: Arizona (AZ)
Signed up: 04 Feb 2008 10:22 AM
Genre: Hip-Hop
Artist Bio
Any questions involving (Collaborations, interviews, drops, etc.) contact, Thank you.

Petah Roy was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona and is strongly affiliated with the MAN UP SQUAD, a squad consisting of not only talented artists and beat composers but individuals working insinque to help solidify the MAN UP SQUAD's place in history. Now over 100 members strong in more than a handful of states and countries, the MAN UP SQUAD is sure to take not only the music industry, but the world by storm.

Petah Roy a.k.a "Whiteboy Roy", first earned his credibility outside of the rap game by hustling in the streets. After stepping away from that avenue, Petah Roy ventured onto another path (emceeing) and utilized his hustling skills in a more positive manner. He began earning a reputation for his lyrical prowess on the mic and proceeded to win not only freestyle contests at Volume 10`s open mic night but to signing an independent record deal with Mike Gotti, C.E.O. of Hokis Pokis Records.

This business relationship would allow for Petah Roy to open up for acts such as Westside Connection and Bone Thugs N' Harmony as well as travel the United States receiving a hands on approach to the music industry from a business perspective. After releasing his first solo LP "The Birth" through Hokis Pokis Records, Petah Roy decided to venture on his own, creating his own company AZilla Entertainment which he released his second and third music offerings "The World's Favorite Cracker" and "AZilla Boy".

With Petah Roy's hustle and grind combined with a versatile style over beats from club bangers to boss tale melodies, he is very well capable of being a top contender in the rap game..
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