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Artist - Speedie


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Last update: 08/19/09 16:09:08
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Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA: Virginia (VA)
Signed up: 18 Jul 2008 08:28 AM
Members: Nema J. - Amp - Rezon - JayVars
Genre: Hip-Hop
Influences: Dr.Dre - Timbaland - My group and I
Artist Bio
U.D.P presents: Urban Dark Projectz by: Mista Speedie 2.1 (2 states - 1 movement) by: Re-zon 3:53 by: (The time that the new lady of hip-hop was borned) Nema J. 1.Speedie tha (producer / promoter / hip-hop artist / An Leader of the Group) 2.JayVie tha (rap artist and 1st male member of the group) 3.Holliwood tha (rap artist / ghost writer and 2nd male member of the group) 4.Re-zon tha (2nd producer / ghost writter / hip-hop artist / An the 3rd male member of the group) 5.Nema J tha (1st hip-hop lady / hip-hop artist / 4th member of the group) 6.Rel-rel tha (rap artist / 5th member of the group) 7.Casper tha (rap artist / freestyle battles / 6th member of the group) shout outs to: Ms.Lethal - Ms.Suburban - Mo'tive - Jen - Shayna -Tiffany (queen 1) - Nikki bear - Adlibs -Silk (from YES_YES YALL ENT) - HAY MEE-MEE!! and her family - Lil' Chris - Dominic - Anwar - The Jones Family - Aaron - Sis - And So on- And So on. Any more question dealing with our music - collaborations - shows performance or invite ect Call for Speedie at 202-612-0857
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