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Guitarist Ian C. Bouras pushes aside Ataxia with new String Endorsement and Upcoming Gigs
by: IanBouras

Guitarist Ian C. Bouras pushes aside Ataxia with new String Endorsement and Upcoming Gigs Bouras forges his own unique musical path, inspires others while bringing awareness to his rare neurological disorder

NEW YORK, NY – September 28, 2015 – (GuitarPR) – Guitarist Ian C. Bouras, who has publicly challenged his rare and progressive neurological disorder, Ataxia, has landed a new string endorsement deal with StringJoy and announced two upcoming gigs in New York State.

With Ataxia, Bouras is dealing with a condition that contributes to the deterioration of his coordination, affecting his ability to play the guitar in the same way he did earlier in his career. To counter this progressing disability, he has developed a unique method of Live Looping to create amazing music as a composer, musician and engineer all at once.

StringJoy’s sponsorship of Bouras will allow him to reach more guitar enthusiasts with his music and his message that serves to inspire others, at the same time bringing much needed attention and support to a disease which is unknown to the vast majority of people.

Bouras says, “I’m thrilled to be associated with StringJoy, a company who is known for its support of both musicians and important causes. They donate 5% of their net profits to support music education by selecting a different organization to support every month, and mixing it up between organizations at the international, national, and local level.”

Ian C. Bouras will be appearing Tuesday, October 13th at 8:00pm at Boulder Coffee Company in Rochester, NY and on Friday, October 16th at 2:00pm at Utica Brews in Utica, NY. Bouras will have his CD’s available at both events, but instead of accepting money for them directly, he will ask that a donation be made to the National Ataxia Foundation.

More information about Bouras’ music can be found at Find out more about Ataxia at Information about StringJoy is at



29 Sep 2015 02:48 PM    tag:
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